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by Pamela Hartman

Prior to becoming a lawyer, Pamela worked for 10 years as a journalist, living along the Mexican border and writing in-depth articles about immigration issues. She speaks Spanish and has reported from Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica and Israel.


Pamela’s articles on legal immigration issues have been published in the Los Angeles Daily News and the Los Angeles Daily Journal. She has been interviewed on immigration issues in the Los Angeles Times, the Los Angeles Daily Journal, and La Opinión.

Trump’s Executive Order (The “Muslim Ban”)  |  February 2017

Regarding President Trump’s recent Executive Order restricting entry for citizens and nationals from seven specified countries. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has a website with Frequently Asked Questions. Read Article.

Visa Strategies Presentation for the Professionals in Human Resources Association  |  September 2016

Presentation to the Professionals in Human Resources Association (PIHRA) regarding strategies to obtain an employment visa in the United States. Read Article.

Presentation to Los Angeles County Bar Immigration Section: Matter of Quilantan  |  April 2016

Analysis and information about US Citizenship and Immigration’s adjudication of cases in which the green card applicant entered the United States through a port of entry, but did not have a valid visa. Read Article.

Here without papers? But married to a U.S. citizen? You may have options  |  October 2015 

Many immigrants from Mexico came to the U.S. as young children. Often they were driven across the border through the port of entry at San Ysidro or elsewhere, and waved through by border inspectors. Read Article.

4-year wait for asylum interviews in Los Angeles  |  October 2015

U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services recently released a bulletin on the waiting period for interviews for asylum applicants. The waiting period for an asylum interview is extremely long, especially for Los Angeles. Read Article.

In the Shadows of War - Iraqi immigration series  |  2007-2015

During 2007-2015 Pamela Hartman wrote about the asylum journeys and immigration legalities of refugees from the war in Iraq. As conditions worsened, more Iraqis sought refuge here; we have a moral responsibility to assist those whose lives we have upturned. Full Article Series.

The Line between Legal and Illegal  |  July 2015

What is the line between legal and illegal when discussing immigration? Everyone who comes to live and work in the United States has a story. Read Article.

Immigration decision: Is U.S. on the rise, or diminished? Guest Commentary  | Los Angeles Daily News, May 14, 2015

Once again, the fate of an important national immigration policy hinges on Texas. Thirty-three years ago it was a Texas lawsuit that decided whether undocumented children would be allowed to attend public schools. The answer then was “yes.” Read Article.

Raining on ICE Raids  |  July 2009

It’s quite rare to see an attorney in immigration court challenge the admissibility of evidence or the underlying constitutionality of an immigrant’s arrest. But all that changed last year following a highly publicized raid of a Van Nuys cartridge factory. Read Article.

Immigration Enforcement by the Letter  |  July 2009

It was a chaotic scene. A year ago, 100 armed immigration agents stormed Micro Solutions Enterprises in Van Nuys. They forced all of the company’s workers and officers to stand against a wall as they checked them one by one. Read Article.

Immigration Raids During Proceedings Undermine Courts  |  
Los Angeles Daily Journal, May 2009

Immigration courts in our country are set up to determine whether an immigrant has any relief from deportation. But of what use is the system if immigration agents can raid a courtroom. Read Article.

Feinstein Introduces Immigration Fraud Bill 
San Francisco Daily Journal, March 2009

Law enforcement officials say a growing number of fraudulent “immigration specialists” are operating throughout the country as attorneys qualified to practice immigration law. Pamela worked on the bill, saying, "Legislation is a great start, but it's not a problem you can just litigate away." Read Article & Bill Excerpt.

Cycling a Way to Break Oil Addicition  |  Daily News, August 2008

With gas prices over $4 a gallon, you’d think I’d be sweating my daily commute from West Hollywood to Encino. I am. My commute takes me 90 minutes and I average barely 10 miles an hour. But I’m not sweating the gas prices. Read Article.

Alien Indifference  |  Los Angeles Daily Journal, April 2008

Immigration Judge Stephen Sholomson’s packed courtroom. Fifty or so people – immigrants, their lawyers, interpreters — crammed into the tiny room on the 17th floor of a bank building next to Pershing Square. A security guard tried to manage the chaos. Read Article.

Freno a las estafas de los consultores  |
La Opinion Digital, January 2007

A partir de este mes, los inmigrantes que recurr​a​n a los consultores de inmigración estarán m​ejor protegidos de posibles fraudes debido a la entrada en vigor de una ley que exige m​ás​ controles. Lea el Artículo.

DNA Testing Increases in Immigration Cases 
Los Angeles Times, June 2006

When Scarlett Simonian petitioned in 2004 for her Honduran mother to immigrate to the U.S., she was asked to provide a birth certificate and other documents to prove they were blood relatives.  Read Article.

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